i-smile smart shell bracelet silicone wrist strap sports wristband fatigue more versatile pattern

1, Material: 100% environmentally friendly silicone materials

2, applicable: Android phones

3, Color: Multicolor supply (can be customized on request)

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First, the [Products]

1, Material: 100% environmentally friendly silicone materials

2, applicable: Android phones

3, Color: Multicolor Supply

4. Advantages: 1 soft and comfortable, suitable for any skin, no allergy 2. Surface dust, fingerprints stick design, easy to stick dust, easy to clean; 3 materials, environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless to humans, can be recycled;. 4. High temperature, anti-aging, durable;

5. Style: environmental protection silicone, non-toxic, odorless, soft and smooth comfort

6, the product can be long-term repeated use, dirty you can use detergent and water to clean.

Second, the product [function]

Products can be silk screen or directly to the customer's own perspective Epoxy brand logo and advertising, according to customer requirements and design style, to OEM, to promote its products to where to go, is the enterprise choose gifts, like most business communication good choice; companies choose this product gifts, product promotions, show publicity, and the occasion the opening celebrations, the company will give a pleasant surprise.

Third, [Note]

1, This product is silicone products, can not be cut with a sharp weapon.

2, Silicone materials are flammable, the maximum temperature of 380 degrees capability, not with fire.

3, please be cleaned with a mild detergent for cleaning.


Shenzhen City Hengbinli Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. It engaged in the design, development, production, and sales of silicone series products since its establishment. The company set up six core departments, the administrative department, business department, engineering department, production department, quality inspection department, and Ministry of finance. Founders of the company have more than ten years of experience in innovative research and development of silicone products and business management; the products they researched and developed obtained a number of patents, and they successfully obtained the title of ISO9001 and ISO14001 outstanding managers


In 2006, the R&D of Multicolor Epoxy Technology,Becoming a regional leader in Shenzhen of epoxy technology, mainly producing silicone trademarks, pull head, clothing accessories etc. One of the suppliers of NIKE, ADIDAS, KAPPA, LI-NING and other brands.


In 2007, the R&D of anti-fatigue energy collar, bracelet series products, taking the tide of NBA silicone bracelet fashion, exporting a large number of products to the United States, Indonesia and other countries, winning the first gold for the rapid development of the company.


In 2008, the development of a series of animal-shaped U disk, exquisite, lively. By working with the United States brand EMTC cooperation, achieving a monthly turnover of 1 million exporting to the United States. The factory increased from 50 employees to 300 people, plant area expanded from 1000 square meters to 3000 square meters. Our unique quality, professional services, efficient productivity and punctual delivery win the customer's appreciation.

---2008年底,开发多色卡通造型,迷彩等三防硅胶手机套,平板电脑套,先后供货给美国四大品牌BEAR GRYLLS,SPECK,STANLEY,INCIPIO,产品遍及美国各大展会。

By the end of 2008, the development of multi-color cartoon, camouflage and anti-corrosion silicone mobile phone cases, tablet PCs cases, successively supplying to the United States four brands, BEAR GRYLLS, SPECK, STANLEY,INCIPIO,products throughout the exhibition.


In 2012, the R & D and production of multi-color liquid silicone plastic technology, to producing this year's most popular Bluetooth smart wearable watch series, advocating the concept of environmental protection and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


In 2013, production of original Apple 5C protective shell, liquid silicone package PC and flannelette implantation technics.


In 2015, the R & D and production of the new technology of silica gel  wrapping hardware, silica wrapping metal head particle, silica gel sets beer FPC\GPS\WIFI antenna, the LDS frame laser carving antenna and more comprehensively improve the technical content of the smart wearable watch series. In mid-2015 we fully researched and developed new material of silicone on kitchen utensils, and promoted to the world. Silica gel kitchen utensils are durable, stable, high and low temperature resistant, soft in texture, environmental protective, anti-dropping, anti-mildew, easy to clean. Breaking the traditional concept of kitchen utensils, have brought more and better convenience to our life!


The spirit of our enterprise is "strength completes successful career, quality cast the credibility" . We committed in various industries silicone products technology solutions, not only provided professional R & D and production services, and established perfect after-sales service system, provide guidance to help solving problems and difficulties encountered by our enterprise. We believe that, through our continuous efforts, we must be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with our partner enterprise!

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